AALTO PS, segundo mejor vino de la Ribera del Duero según los usuarios de Vivino

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ruou ngoai thanh nien
05:40:13 AM
Ref. 165
Let's not mess around 50 notes for this is pushing it, but it is very very good quality. The higher end market bourbons are a tricky devil. If you're not an avid bourbon drinker then you are probably wasting your money. But if you have a well seasoned palette and you know whats good and the reason why...then this will most surely appeal to you. Lots and lots going on, not like the gritty Kentucky's that strip you raw. This is complex and delicious and at 99% proof has enough clout about it. Delicious on its on but would make a very naughty sour. Are there better out there? Of course but this is most definitely high ranking. https://douongngoainhap.com
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